Monday, 13 April 2009

End of the Rainbow

Climbing this Rainbow is sometimes slippery, sometimes scary but sometimes it feels really good! I'm finally getting some feedback as people have now read the book. I was out last night and sold another 20 books... People are super keen. Women LOVE the concept! Multicultural chick-lit is long overdue!

Various women last night (who don't know each other - or me!) told me how much they are loving the book. One woman said she 'could not put it down'! The ladies are excited and people (including the guys) are buying the books like hotcakes. It's the 'packet' discussion that makes the guys pause and raise an eyebrow...

I went to Clapham Books the other day and told them that I had sold over 200 books in the last few weeks, all by myself, just at various events. They couldn't believe it! They said they had never heard of a first-time author having such success!


So as I am marching to Brick Lane today to see what interest I can drum up, I will keep Will Smith / Chris Gardner in my mind from Pursuit of Happyness. I will remember that people love my book, that success only comes with hard work, and happiness lies at the end of the rainbow.

Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bus Drivers

So I'm on my way to the 02 to stand in front of the Brian McKnight concert, with the hope of handing flyers to some keen young women, when I discover that the Jubilee line is down. And does London Transport have a rail replacement service? Of course not! So off I go on two buses to get to Greenwich...

It takes so long that I decide to finally get off the 2nd bus, dreading the return journey and think I might as well cut my losses. But then the bus driver persuades me to stay. I guess he fancied me. And then he bought a book! So I'm thinking, at least I sold a book... But then, now I'm stuck at the 02 with the concert already having started, with no way of getting home!

I should have asked the bus driver to give me a private drive home. Yeah. But instead, I take a bus via Elephant & Castle. And who really ever wants to go through Elephant & Castle? The experience is traumatic in itself. I only hope Bus Driver Omar enjoys the book. And then maybe the journey will have been worthwhile.

Monday, 6 April 2009

In Sales

I keep thinking about Death of a Salesman. I never wanted to be a salesman. Sure, I once worked in McDonalds as a kid, but be a business woman? Nah. That was never for me.

Spreading the word about my book and being a salesman... there is a fine line between them. And I'm not sure I'm not stepping over the line. Spread the word... sell. Spread the word... sell. Of course I'm doing a pretty good job of selling. Women are queueing up to get a book from me at events. So that's good. BUT... I'm not sure I want to sell. I never wanted to be a salesman.

And frankly, we all know what ends up happening to salesmen.

They end up dead.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Celebration of my Sisters

Seems a bit odd going to this event tonight which is celebrating Mothers' Day. How do you sell a book which talks about willy size at an event celebrating motherhood? Having said that, maybe willy size has everything to do with it!

Went to every butchers in Brixton yesterday, marching through the market, getting together £5 notes to use as change today. I have 64 £5 notes! Think that will be enough? I think so...

So this is the first time I'm actually going to try SELLING the book. We'll see how I do. Fingers crossed. I'm no sales person. So I'll need all the finger crossing I can get!

Saturday, 21 March 2009

Identity crisis

Only a couple of weeks before Singleholic comes out. I am so busy, I feel like my head might spin off! My normal work takes up so much time anyway, and now I'm trying to squeeze in this whole 'double-life'. How do people have affairs?? I mean, who the hell would have the time! I'm Katharine Miss teacher in the day, and by night, I'm Katherine Bing!

I think I'm having an identity crisis.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Welcome to the Singleholic blog. Sarah is a black Bridget Jones. She is mixed-race and dates men across Brixton and London: black men, white men, brown men.
Who is better to marry?
Who is better in bed?
And most importantly, who has the biggest packet??
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