Saturday, 11 April 2009

Bus Drivers

So I'm on my way to the 02 to stand in front of the Brian McKnight concert, with the hope of handing flyers to some keen young women, when I discover that the Jubilee line is down. And does London Transport have a rail replacement service? Of course not! So off I go on two buses to get to Greenwich...

It takes so long that I decide to finally get off the 2nd bus, dreading the return journey and think I might as well cut my losses. But then the bus driver persuades me to stay. I guess he fancied me. And then he bought a book! So I'm thinking, at least I sold a book... But then, now I'm stuck at the 02 with the concert already having started, with no way of getting home!

I should have asked the bus driver to give me a private drive home. Yeah. But instead, I take a bus via Elephant & Castle. And who really ever wants to go through Elephant & Castle? The experience is traumatic in itself. I only hope Bus Driver Omar enjoys the book. And then maybe the journey will have been worthwhile.

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  1. You are either a great author or a great looking woman - or possible both.